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Our story

Oxcel Broker Services was founded by a team of experienced finance brokers, driven by a vision to empower our fellow brokers in the asset and mortgage sectors. With years of firsthand experience, we recognized the challenges and opportunities within the industry, inspiring us to create a supportive platform.

Our journey is rooted in a deep understanding of the broker's world, focusing on providing the tools, resources, and guidance necessary for their success. We are committed to nurturing the growth and development of finance brokers, ensuring they have a strong foundation to excel in an ever-evolving finance industry. Oxcel stands as a beacon of innovation and support, dedicated to enhancing the careers of finance brokers across Australia.


Mission and values

At Oxcel Broker Services, our mission is to elevate the finance broking industry through a firm commitment to excellence and ethical practices. We deeply value integrity, transparency, and innovation, which are the pillars of our approach.

Our goal is to empower brokers with innovative tools and insights, fostering an environment where professionalism and client success are top priorities. We aspire to create a fostering space for brokers to grow and shine, truly believing that their success is integral to the vitality of the finance sector. Oxcel is dedicated to setting new standards in the industry, guided by our core values and a vision for a vibrant financial community.


Our approach

At Oxcel Broker Services, we provide a dual-focused approach catering to both asset and mortgage finance brokers. This inclusive strategy allows brokers to diversify their offerings and serve a broader range of client needs effectively.

Our commitment to compliance ensures brokers navigate regulatory complexities with confidence, safeguarding their practices. We prioritize education, offering personalized mentorship to enhance skills and knowledge, and empowering brokers to reach their full potential. Our extensive lender panel covers a wide range of products, from asset finance to residential and commercial mortgages, ensuring brokers have comprehensive options for their clients. Oxcel's financial model is competitive yet quality-centric, reflecting our 'love us or leave us' philosophy, emphasizing flexibility and broker empowerment.


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