Empower Your Journey in Mortgage Broking

Build a career in Mortgage Broking with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Whether you're launching your brand or joining Oxcel's national team, the choice is yours

Become a Mortgage Broker

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace limitless opportunities as a licensed mortgage broker. Build a robust referral network across the nation, work from your preferred location, and enjoy the prospects of uncapped earnings and professional development.

  • Expand your career prospects in the mortgage industry.
  • Access a diverse range of home loan products and lenders.
  • Gain independence by running your own mortgage brokerage.
  • Help clients achieve their homeownership dreams.
  • Be a part of a digitally advanced and growing industry.
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Industry Challenges

Obtaining a credit license can be a complex process for brokers. Brokers often face challenges in demonstrating financial competence, meeting the requirements.

  • Navigating complex regulatory requirements for obtaining a mortgage broker license and setting up processes can be daunting.
  • The mortgage industry is competitive, requiring effective strategies to attract and retain clients.
  • Evaluating borrowers' creditworthiness and managing lending risks are critical.
  • Keeping up with technological advances in the finance sector is essential.
  • Economic downturns may impact the housing market and, consequently, your business.

How Our Services Empower You in Mortgage Broking

Experience comprehensive credit support. Personalized guidance, valuable resources, and ongoing mentorship for your success.

  • Personalized guidance, resources, and continuous mentorship for your success.
  • Access to a diverse panel of lenders.
  • Training and professional development programs.
  • Compliance and regulatory support.
  • Marketing and branding assistance.
  • Advanced technology and software solutions.
  • Networking opportunities and community support.
  • Business planning and strategic advice.

Frequently asked questions

Joining our network offers access to a wide array of lenders, competitive commission structures, ongoing training, and strong marketing support. Our collaborative environment is designed to foster growth and success. Plus complementary office for Melbourne based brokers *T&Cs apply

We provide comprehensive training, mentorship, and access to essential resources. This support helps new brokers navigate the industry, build their client base, and stay updated on market trends and regulatory changes.

Our network offers regular training sessions, workshops, and webinars on various topics, including industry best practices, regulatory compliance, advanced financial products, and customer service excellence.

Yes, we believe in empowering brokers with flexibility. You can choose to build your brand or leverage our established brand presence, work from anywhere, and manage your schedule to suit your lifestyle.

We provide marketing tools, lead generation strategies, and branding assistance to help you attract and retain clients. Our network also offers digital marketing support and access to a broader client base.

We offer state-of-the-art technology solutions, our CRM systems includes loan comparison tools, one click bank statement retrieval, one click Equifax, and one click eSignature request, to streamline your workflow and enhance client interactions. Also your client and partners will get their own dashboard to check the live progress of their application automatically.

Our commission structures are among the most competitive in the industry, designed to reward high performance and support the financial growth of our brokers.

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive administrative, compliance, and regulatory support to ensure you can focus on client service and business growth without the burden of paperwork and legal complexities.

Our commitment to broker empowerment, combined with our comprehensive support system, advanced technology, and a culture of collaboration and innovation, sets us apart in the mortgage broking industry.

We host regular networking events, conferences, and online forums to facilitate community building, knowledge sharing, and collaborative opportunities among our brokers.

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